Feature #1

This area can be used to put something special in focus. Products, a presentation or anything you may want to highlight. If not needed, this area can be removed completely.

Feature #2

Use div class="left" and "right" for two columns, or remove the two extra div:s to use a single column here.


About this template

This is Variant Multi, a free website template by Andreas Viklund. It was designed to provide a quite popular design (header with horizontal menu, feature area, 2- or 3-column content area with sidebar and a multi-column footer area) with a number of layout options for both the different areas of the site and for the layout width. The default style is 980 pixels wide. Pre-defined styles are available for fixed widths of 760 and 600 pixels, as well as a full-width (100%) layout, use the navigation menu to see the different widths.

A free template

Like all templates from andreasviklund.com, Variant Wide is free to use for any purpose.

For more information, tips and additional resources, visit andreasviklund.com.

Built for speed

The code is all valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, and since no images have been used in this template it loads fast even on slower connections. The template has been tested in all major browsers including on mobile devices, and it should work well no matter where it is displayed.


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